In early 1981, some members of the Genealogical Society of Victoria felt that as there was an increasing interest in convicts and the convict system of Australia, the formation of a group dedicated to the promotion of this interest would be beneficial.

On 2 May of that year, about 30 members met and it was agreed to form a group for those who could claim a convict forebear who had been transported to an Australian colony, in penalty of crime, between 1788 and 1868, or for those who had a special interest in convicts.

It was decided to call this The Descendants of Convicts Group.

The aims of the Group are to educate participating members on matters pertaining to the convict system. These matters will include:

  • Conditions which prevailed in the United Kingdom and the Australian colonies at the time
  • The Transportation system
  • Relevant sources of information both within the United Kingdom and Australia
  • Processes for tracing ones ancestry and levels of proof required for Group membership
  • Matters of general genealogical interest

These aims are achieved through regular meetings, field visits, workshops and social events.

In 1992 the Group became incorporated under the name The Descendants of Convicts Group Victoria Incorporated which was later changed to remove the word "Victoria" because we were recognized Australia wide.

Why not join us and become a member? If you have questions, please check home page email.


To clarify any confusion around the Facebook entity called Descendants of Convicts private group, this is not us.  We are not affiliated with this group in any way.