Any person is eligible to join the Group. Members may submit claims for proof of descent from a convict to the Groups Examiner of Proofs and Certificates will be issued for claims proven.

Descendant Members
Members attain the status of Descendant Members on proof of their claim. Certificates, for each descended convict, will be issued at the first meeting of the Group, following verification of proofing documents.

Joining Fee

A joining fee of A$20 (Australian Dollars), together with A$25 subscription fee, must accompany each application for membership. An annual fee of A$25 is payable in May of each year thereafter and must be lodged with the Treasurer by 1 June of each year. Unfinancial members, after this date, will have their names deleted from the mailing list. First annual fees for members joining after the November meeting will fall due on the following May twelve months.

Joint Family Membership is available to two members at one address on payment of a A$20 joining fee together with A$30 joint subscription. An annual fee of A$30 is payable in May of each year for each joint membership.

Note Children up to the age of 18 years can be included in a Family Membership. If certificates are required, on proof of child's descendancy an additional cost may be charged.
Date of birth of each child must be given, and on the 18th Birthday of each child they will automatically be removed from The Family Membership. Separate membership then needs to be arranged.

To join please download and complete the Membership Application and forward to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All members are entitled to receive "The Mail" Newsletter.(One copy per Joint Family Membership).

All fees are subject to change at the discretion of the Committee.